Smart Inventory




Key Features of BizSQL Inventory

Regardless of whether you have one outlet or multiple outlets, it is imperative to remain on top of stocks situation and be able to access these important data immediately. By knowing the stock levels, you will be better equipped to make quick and informed decisions.

Here are some of the common features:
- Maintain Barcode, manufacturer code and own product code   - Matrix - Multiple SKUs for product like size, colour, category etc
- Multiple selling price levels settings and maintenance   - Multiple stock costing method
- Auto connect & update inventory of each outlets   - Linking sales cycle from quotation to delivery to invoice, just import, no double entry
- Returns & transfer management - expiry/damage/breakage tracking and convert as purchase returns   - Multi outlets stock movement flow - inter stock transfer, in transit & adjustments
- Inventory tax, quantity discount & margin   - Promotional stocks campaign setup & maintenance
- Reports for analysis   - Membership offer on stocks
- Stock Status Assistance   - Reminder on low stock situation
- Serialized & warranty flow   - Stock assembly - Build of material product code
- Multi unit of measurement eg item in pieces, boxes, cartons   - Tracking of stock based on stores
- Purchase price of same stock, multi supplier analysis   - Short expiry & pending orders tracking
- Drill down inventory search: by part number, description, supplier, serial, sub category lookup and numerous other search options   - Stock analysis in all dimensions by item, quantity, brand, locations, area, margin & more


Report Available
- Stock sales analysis   - Stock transfer analysis
- Stock price analysis   - Stock purchase analysis
- POS stock sales analysis   - POS stock activities report
- Sales analysis   - Sales gross profit analysis
- Invoice item gross profit analysis   - Top sales analysis
- Customer-Stock Sales Analysis (Summary)   - Customer -Sales Gross Profit Analysis
- Commission report by sales man   - Member Points Statement
- POS Daily Sales Report   - POS Daily Collection Report
- POS Daily Void sales   - Stock-take listing
- Stock card listing   - Stock reorder listing
- Stock balance listing   - Stock aging listing
- Stock matrix listing   - Stock barcode label listing
- Stock breakeven listing   - Stock assembly listing
- Stock transfer listing   - And Many More Reports!