Customer relationship management - send sms



Get your mobile CRM message through the simple method.


It’s simple. A text message is quick, easy and can be sent or read at a convenient time. By improving your customer communication process you can build a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust. The key to effective CRM.


Today customers are becoming increasingly time-poor and harder to reach. With the majority of your customers owning a mobile phone, mobile CRM is the ideal way to develop and maintain a relationship with them.

Bulk SMS software empowers you with an effective and convenient communication tool.

A direct, personalised text message cuts through the communications clutter of filtered emails, standard flyers and time consuming phone calls; straight to your contacts mobile phone.


By increasing mobile CRM efforts and monitoring your responses you can develop a more accurate insight into your customer’s attitudes and behaviour.

A few suggestions for the use of bulk SMS software in CRM - SMS:


  • Reminders of meetings, appointments, events.
  • Mobile surveys/ campaigns – set up automated response campaigns.
  • Support services.
  • Registering interest in a product or service.
  • To request information about your customers or vice versa.
  • To update customers on the latest offerings, deals.
  • Confirmations of orders, appointments, delivery times.